Self Drive

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Back Country Tag-Along Tours Ltd

Like all organisations we seek your co-operation with a few DO’s And DON’Ts


Please Do:

  1. Use the rubbish bag supplied. Take out what you take in.

  2. Wear seat belts at all times.

  3. Follow the instruction of your guides.

  4. Be aware of the where a bouts of all members of your party at all times.

  5. Drive with full care and attention.

  6. Maintain visual contact with the vehicle behind you STOP immediately if contact has been lost.

  7. At intersections please indicate and slow down or stop until you are sure the vehicle behind you indicates they are following.

  8. Extinguish cigarettes in your vehicles ash tray

  9. Very Important!! If asked to open and close a gate please take note of how it fastened and ensure it is closed the same way then test to ensure it is properly closed.

  10. Ask your guides if you are unsure or concerned over any matter.

  11. Let other road users over take you when in convoy on public roads.

  12. Tell your friends if you enjoyed the experience .( Please tell us if you have not.)

  13. Two way prs radios are issued before we depart on all trips, so you can hear commentary on way round

Please Do Not:

  1. Wander off or leave the group unannounced. (Advise guides if you need to leave the trip.)

  2. Deviate from the road or track unless advised by your guide to do so.

  3. Feed any animals (sorry leave your pets at Home)

  4. Light any fire or BBQ.

  5. Remove flora or fauna.

  6. Litter.

  7. Drink alcohol.

  8. Smoke outside your vehicle in forests or on dry grasslands.

  9. Leave a gate you have opened, until closed properly, and only after the last vehicle in the group has been through.

  10. Attempt to recover any vehicle that may have slipped of the track without input from your guides. (To secure with a strop or tow rope as an interim measure is OK )

  11. Back Country Tag-Along Tours Ltd. Sincerely trust that you have enjoyed the trip. On farm access was negotiated with the farmer concerned and please be advised that public access is not normally available. Your respect for this arrangement and the rights of the farmer will be appreciated. Farm access for individuals is normally specifically restricted due to privacy, OSH, and insurance issues.